Dear friends, teachers, students, parents, colleagues,

welcome to the website created specifically for the Comenius project "LET'S MEET WHERE OUR

On this site we will post photos, videos and other documents we used in our project activities.
"Calendar" is designed to be a sort of a gathering place of all our holidays, project activities, deadlines, dates of our project visits

The partner countries in this project are:
CROATIA (coordinator)

Culture is the most important bridge between generations.With this project we want to establish a cultural heritage bond among young people.We want young people to appreciate their own culture and other cultures.The overall aim of the project is to increase students' knowledge and open new perspectives for them.We will focus our attention to raising their awareness of different cultures, customs and common values.We will do that through:

- Traditional Cuisine: eating habits are closely connected to cultures.Traditional meals have always been healthy and in preparing them, people have been using their imagination, taste, tradition and creativity.But, as languages, for example, cuisine has always been subjected to different influences from other nations or people with whom we came in contact.

- Traditional Music and Dance: arts like dancing or music are part of human history and an important element of our social evolution.We plan to learn and sing songs belonging to each of the countries involved in the project, thus showing our openness and respect for other cultures and traditions.Students will acquire an excellent understanding of the world they live in.

- Childhood Games: students' behaviors have changed in recent years thanks to ever more developed technologies. They have become focused only on themselves and what they need without much regard for other people.We should bring back to life traditional games and show modern kids how their ancestors played without modern gadgets.

- Celebrations: our students are curious to find out how other people celebrate the passing of time, through specific customs related to a person's life from birth to death.

As the final product of the project we will make a documentary "Cultural Safari" and an audio CD with traditional songs.